Fun Tournament!!!

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Fun Tournament!!!

Postby oneputtlarry on Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:01 pm

Steve's Game... Short 9-hole, par 27, golf course...a great course for sharpening the short irons; however, there are 2 holes, both over 150 yards and very challenging par 3's...considering it's a pitch & putt course, it's difficult to shoot par. PGA Tour player, Kevin Sutherland, holds the course record for 9 holes...a 21 for 6 under. An annual Men's Club tournament...twice around the course with different distances on the back 9:
#1 hole...after reaching the green, one has putt through a croquet hoop which is about 20 feet from the flag stick and you must go through the hoop in one direction only...if your drive ends up between the pin and the hoop, you must go back to the hoop first before putting out.
#2...150-175 yard hole...we each had to grab a tennis ball in the pro shop before the tourney and play tennis ball from tee to green with your clubs and upon reaching the green, putt out in a 10" hole!
#3... over a lake, you had to hit your golf ball with a tennis racket...there were 3 tennis racquets on the tee box...once you reached the green, you putt out with your putter. Hitting a golf ball with a tennis racquet is more difficult than you would think.
#4... play your golf shot to the green...flag stick was put into a sloping green at 45 degree angle!
#5... play a normal golf shot to a green where the flag stick was inserted in a hole off the green!
#6... hit to the green with a regular club; however, when putting, you had to putt out with a sledgehammer by holding it like a croquet mallet!
#7... 180'-210' hole...again, tee to green with tennis ball and putt out with the tennis ball to a large hole...also, long drive with the tennis ball won prize!
#8... 2 golf clubs on the tee box, one a right handed club, the other a left-handed club. For the drive only, if right handed you had to tee off with a left handed club... if left handed you had to tee off with a right handed club!
#9... the flagstick is surrounded by large bumpers all around the hole like on a bumper pool table! Once you're on the green, very tricky getting your ball into the hole through the bumpers!

Anyway, a very fun tournament!...what do you think?
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Re: Fun Tournament!!!

Postby Mr. Peabody on Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:07 pm

I like it if you like it. I trust you.
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