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Ride for the Roses

Postby LMQueen on Tue May 29, 2007 9:12 pm

Has anyone on here participated in the Ride for the Roses or known anyone who has?

My CEO wants to put together a company cycling team and ride in an event. I did some internet searching for events in Austin later this year, and this seems to be the biggest one. From what I can tell they get about 6,500 riders each year and there are different courses to choose from (40 miles, 100 miles.)

I have a good friend that does the MS 150 every April with her husband and they like to drink beer just as much as we do, so I'm pretty sure that we could train and do this (at least the 40 mile ride) without too much trouble.

The Ride for the Roses benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation (please keep all your doping comments to yourself in this thread) and each rider is asked to raise at least $250 for cancer research. My aunt is at the end of a losing battle with pancreatic cancer and with Matt's dad facing a battle with prostate cancer, I think that it is a great cause and a nice way to honor their struggles.

Just curious if anyone around here as been a part of it.
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