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NFL Franchise Pecking Order

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:27 pm
by Drew Corleone
Since everyone jumped into the discussion about MLB I thought I'd do it for NFL as well.

Knee-jerk tiers...

Kings: Dallas, Denver, GB, NE, NY Giants, Pittsburgh, San Fran, Washington
Barons: Chicago, KC, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, Philly, Seattle
Knights: Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Carolina, Indy, LA Chargers, LA Rams, New Orleans, NY Jets, Tennessee
Peasants: Arizona, Cinci, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa

High-level formula tiers...

Kings: Dallas, Pittsburgh, NE, GB, NY Giants, San Fran, Denver, Indy
Barons: Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, Washington, LA Rams, Chicago, Philly, Cleveland
Knights: KC, Seattle, Tennessee, Buffalo, Baltimore, LA Chargers, NY Jets, Cinci
Peasants: Atlanta, Detroit, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa, Arizona, Jacksonville, Houston

I forgot that Cleveland, historically, inherited their pre-Ravens history. My formula - to make it easy - went with Pro Football Reference's numbers which obviously predate the Super Bowl era.

Only real surprises were that Washington seems lower than I expected and Indy higher. I gave Seattle and New Orleans more credit for recent history and dinged the Rams.

This is a much easier exercise than MLB, with more of a consensus power collective at the top. A few teams from the second tier (formula-wise) could make a claim for kingship with Super Bowl runs in the next few years, but only Indy is in danger of dropping out, IMO.