Random Thoughts From Lollapalooza

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Random Thoughts From Lollapalooza

Postby Silverado on Sat Aug 09, 2003 12:28 am

- I found myself saying "Lollapalooza" over and over and over today.

- Perry Farrell. Bet he watches Will and Grace.

- Lots of bikinis out today. And white dudes with nasty dreds.

- Unofficially reached 187 degrees.

- How big a rock skank roadie are you when you have your radio clipped to your thong, and your microphone clipped to your bra strap?

- PF did have some hot ass Asian chicks hanging with him though. If that's what being gay means...

- Fat chicks need to realize the bare midriff works for a very select few.

- Highest marijuana concentration since the Tom Petty concert.

- The Donnas are actually not that bad looking in person. Well, at least one of them is pretty cute. I think her name was Donna.

- Didn't really mind standing in the pouring rain for those few brief moments. Sucked when the sun came out though.

- Saw Dallas PD drag a kid wearing a Michigan State shirt off in cuffs. Michigan State...Michigan State is going to jail.
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Postby TagTeam on Sun Aug 10, 2003 12:14 am

Fat chicks need to realize the bare midriff works for a very select few.

There oughta be a law.........
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